Israel is celebrating 76 years since its foundation, since the establishment of the National Home of all those Jews who throughout history suffered exile, discrimination, persecution, all those who desperately sought a safe haven when they escaped the gas chambers, but no one he wanted to receive them.

In its 76-year history, Israel has achieved miracles of progress in all fields of science, health, technology, innovation, Arts and Letters, social solidarity and welfare despite adversity and differences. It is the country where cultures and religions meet, people who come from the 4 horizons of the universe – from Europe and Africa, from America and Asia – where hundreds of thousands of Jews settled and integrated to build together the home of the Jewish people .

But at the same time, Israel remembers... it remembers its children! Every family mourns relatives, friends, neighbors. Israelis mourn the 30.140 soldiers and civilians who fell for the independence of the State of Israel and the safety of its citizens during the wars and terrorist attacks against it. 1.600 of them fell victim to the terrorist attack of October 7, 2023 and the war that continues to this day. A war that can only be stopped by the release of all the hostages held by the terrorist organization Hamas.

The mourning for the victims is accompanied this year by the dramatic call for the release of the 132 hostages held for more than 200 days in the bowels of Gaza, and we pray for the return of all the kidnapped hostages to their families.

The Central Jewish Council of Greece and the Greek Jews wish the Israeli citizens peace, prosperity and unity and that Israel will continue to be a beacon of Democracy, Justice and progress.

Athens, 13 May 2024



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