On October 13, 2021, an International Forum on Holocaust Remembrance and the fight against anti-Semitism was held in Malmo, Sweden, entitled "We Remember - We React". The Forum was attended by many foreign officials, as well as representatives of Jewish organizations, including the EJC president Dr. Moshe Cantor. During his speech, Dr. Cantor asked all leaders to focus their efforts on countering extremism and conspiracy theories that are prevalent especially among the younger generation.

"For more than a year, the youth lived with restrictive measures and were exposed throughout the day to internet misinformation, extremism and anti-Semitism. "Never before in history has it happened that the new generation, people who don't know much about the Holocaust, have been so heavily brainwashed with conspiracy theories and lies," said Dr. Cantor. "Therefore a key challenge of our time is to protect the new generation from extremism. So far most of our strategies have failed." 

Dr. Kantor stressed the importance of adopting a multifaceted approach to the issue of extremism by providing solid economic foundations and using the influence of the internet for good: “We need to invest more in young people, we need a new social contract between generations. We need to adapt to the digital age, find the right online influencers and build social platforms that will appeal to the new generation.”    

"We cannot win the battle against anti-Semitism if we have not won the battle against extremism more generally. We can reverse the role of social media from a potential destroyer of mental health, to the most effective means of combating extremism," he added.

M. Kantor spoke before heads of state and government, scientists and representatives of social organizations from about 50 countries. It was Mr. Kantor's first public speech since the 5th World Holocaust Forum. The Malmo International Forum was supposed to take place in October 2020 in Jerusalem, on the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II and the liberation of Auschwitz, but was delayed.

The Forum, held under the auspices of the Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Löven, was attended by international leaders such as the President of Israel Isaac Herzog, the President of Romania Klaus Iohannis, the Prime Ministers of Ireland Michal Martin, Denmark Mette Fredriksen, the Secretary General the UN Antonio Guterres, European Council President Charles Michel, and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Also, the kings of Sweden attended as well as representatives of the companies Google, Facebook and Tik Tok.

*Data from EJC website, 14.10.2021