The 3η meeting of the European Commission's Working Group on Anti-Semitism was held via video conference, on 17.6.2020, due to the restrictions of the pandemic.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the European institutions as well as national delegations of the EU member countries, with the participation of the competent ministries, the special envoys for anti-Semitism and representatives of the Jewish Communities. From Greece, Dr. Efstathios Lianos-Liantis, head of the Greek Delegation to IHRA and Special Envoy for the Fight against Anti-Semitism, Dr. Angeliki Ziaka, AUTH, representative of the Ministry of Education, and on behalf of Greek Jewry, Mr. Daniel Benardout, Treasurer General of KISE.

One of the main topics discussed during the meeting was "Internet Misinformation and Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories", as the outbreak of the pandemic was followed by the spread of fake news and all kinds of conspiracy theories using old and new anti-Semitic myths.

The start of the work was announced by the EU Coordinator. for Combating Anti-Semitism and Protecting Jewish Life, Katharina von Schnurbein. Followed by speech of the Vice President of the EU for the Promotion of the European Way of Life Margaritis Schoinas, who emphasized that "conspiracy myths are a stark reminder that the battle against anti-Semitism is not over." In related tweet by M. Schinas stated that "A Europe that protects is one where Jews can live, work, study and exercise their religious duties like any other member of society."

Both the EU Coordinator Katharina von Schnurbein, as well as the Vice-President of the E.U. for Values ​​and Transparency Vera Jourova, sounded the alarm about the dangers of spreading conspiracy myths, which they described as "gateway to radicalization". "The step from conspiracies to hate crime is small. We must act to protect European values", says V. Yourova characteristically.

In the second part of the meeting, the participants referred to the adoption of the IHRA definition of Anti-Semitism, exchanging views on the ways and scope of its application.