The Treblinka Museum awarded the Mayor of Kavala, Theodoros Mouriadis, for the creation of the Network of Cities against Anti-Semitism. Visit of the President of the Municipal Council of Kavala, Constantinos Pefanis, to Poland.

The initiative of the Mayor of Kavala, Theodoros Mouriadis, to create a Network of Cities against Anti-Semitism, was awarded by the Treblinka Museum, during events held in Poland from December 3 to 7, 2023, on the subject of Nazi crimes in Europe during World War II.

The Medal "Worthy for the Treblinka Museum" was received by the President of the Municipal Council, Konstantinos Pefanis, representing the Municipality of Kavala in all the events, which were organized by the "Agia Marina" Foundation and held under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.

The president of the "Agia Marina" foundation, Patryk Panasiuk (Greek-speaking Pole, graduate of EKPA), welcomed the Greek delegation in which Mr. Konstantinos Pefanis participated, accompanied by the author and representative of the Jewish Community of Kavala, Iosif Mevorach and the communication officer and public relations of the "Thracian Art and Tradition Foundation", PhD candidate, Nikos Kosmidis. Two representatives from the martyred Distomo also participated.

The program of events included: Visit to the Museum of Treblinka and receiving the Medal "Worthy for the Museum of Treblinka", as well as a commemorative diploma, which were awarded to the Mayor, Theodoros Mouriadis, and to Mr. Kosmidis for organizing activities to raise awareness of both the residents of Kavala, as well as all of Greece regarding the Holocaust, with the creation of a Network of Cities against Anti-Semitism. It is recalled that the 1.484 Jews of Kavala were taken to the Treblinka concentration camp to be killed in 1943. It is noteworthy that this particular medal is awarded for the first time to Greek citizens.

With the Director of the Museum, Dr. Eduard Kopovka and other actors, Mr. Pefanis discussed the possibility of educating young people about the history of the Holocaust and the conditions of occupation by different conquerors in each country. 

In addition to the Treblinka Museum, visits to the Museum of the Revolution, the Jewish Museum, and Prisons and Ghettos where Nazi victims were held and murdered.

Laying of wreaths at the Treblinka holocaust memorial, as well as a recently discovered mass grave memorial and the memorial to German victims in Suprasl.

Visit to the Orthodox cemetery, where a trisayo was held at the mass grave of 142 children murdered by the Germans. 

Meeting with the Greek community of Warsaw.

Visit to Suprasl Town Hall.

Visit to the Parliament of Poland, meeting with two Polish MPs, with whom a discussion was held on issues of common interest related to politics, society, economy and relations with the European community. 

Interview on Polish TV. 

Participation in the divine service, held in the chapel of Saints Cyril and Methodius.

Source: TIMETABLE, 12.12.2023