The 4-volume edition titled Addressing Anti-Semitism in Schools: Training Curricula was created by the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) of the OSCE and UNESCO, in collaboration with the Holocaust Education Center of University College London. The series is aimed at teachers and offers them helpful tools to prevent or deal with anti-Semitic incidents in the school. The books provide practical advice and material for teachers and school leaders to manage antisemitism and prejudice through education, while promoting human rights and equality. The four volumes concern:  1. Primary School Teachers 2. Secondary Education Teachers 3. Vocational High School Teachers and 4. School Directors.

These publications are part of the ODIHR program to combat anti-Semitism "Turning Words into Action to Address Anti-Semitism" and UNESCO's educational program "Global Citizenship Education" to educate the citizen to respect human rights. View and download the four versions here.

Source: website OSCE-ODIHR, 17.11.2020, “Addressing Anti-Semitism in Schools: Training Curricula”