The Greek Special Envoy for Anti-Semitism, Dr. Efstathios Lianos – Liantis, signed, together with his European and international counterparts, a letter-invitation to football clubs to adopt the Definition of IHRA on Anti-Semitism "to support the international effort to combat anti-Semitism". The initiative was started by Lord John Mann, the British government's adviser on anti-Semitism.  

The letter highlights that major football teams in the British Premier League are adopting the Definition and signing it at public events. THE Chelsea was the first group to proceed with this initiative (photo) and was followed by West Ham and Bournemouth. In Germany the initiative started with Borussia Dortmund, while other national and international groups intend to announce the adoption of the Definition soon.  

The letter notes that "combating the rise of anti-Semitism is a very important priority. The groups have adopted the Definition as a statement of their values. The Definition not only sets a clear line of demarcation, but also acts as a reference point for officials, stadium workers and fans as to what anti-Semitism is. This is a working definition rather than a legal definition, that is, its role is to inform and provide practical assistance in dealing with incidents of anti-Semitism or prevention to avoid future incidents.' "The adoption of the Definition will send a strong message about the team's ethos which will be appreciated by the local and international Jewish communities, as well as Jewish fans. The message of the Definition is essential for all citizens and supporters of football as anti-Semitism - like all forms of racism and xenophobia - is an attack on the Republic itself and opposes the principles of human rights, equality, freedom, respect for of human dignity regardless of identity, origin and beliefs," the letter states, among other things.

The meaningful letter is also signed by the Coordinator of the European Commission for the fight against anti-Semitism Catherine from Schnurbein.


Source: EJC, 3.11.2020