On February 13 and 14, 2024, with the cooperation of the World Jewish Congress WJC, the Croatian Presidency of the IHRA, the G.G. Religious events, of the EME and the KISE, were organized in Athens, at the Jewish Museum of Greece, two seminars / workshops focused on the history of Greek Jewry and modern anti-Semitism.

The first laboratory it concerned the officers of the Ministries charged with the task of drawing up and implementing the National Action Plan against Anti-Semitism. The meeting was attended by representatives from 13 co-competent Greek agencies and ministries, including the General Secretary of Religious Affairs G. Kalantzis, the Deputy Minister for Equality and Human Rights Maria-Alexandra Kefala, the special envoy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the fight against anti-Semitism, Ambassador H. Aliferis, WJC representative Dr. L. Saltiel and G.G. of KISE B.I. Eliezer.

The second seminar, with the participation of ambassadors and diplomats from 12 countries, was held to inform them about the centuries-old history, the Holocaust, the contemporary activity of the Jewish communities of Greece and the expressions of anti-Semitism.

The diplomats were addressed, among others, by the head of the Greek Delegation to the IHRA, Ambassador G. Polydorakis, the special envoy for anti-Semitism, Ambassador X. Aliferi, the director of the EME, Z. Battinou, and the archaeologist, A. Loudarou. The General Treasurer of the Board of Directors spoke on behalf of KISE. Daniel Benardout.

The two seminars were important actions for getting to know Greek Jewry, informing and raising awareness about the modern forms of anti-Semitism in Greece and planning to combat it.