The members of the Bureau of the Central Jewish Council of Greece met today, November 6, 2023, with the Minister of Education, Mr. Kyriakos Pierrakakis, and expressed the concerns of Greek Jews about the climate of anti-Semitism that is forming due to the crisis in the Middle East. They pointed out to the Minister of Education the dangers of increasing anti-Semitism in Greece due to the unilateral announcements against the State of Israel and the operation to delegitimize its right to exist.

The Bureau of the Central Israeli Council of Greece reiterated the support of Greek Jewry to the people of Israel and requested the exercise of all possible influence for the release of the Israeli hostages held in the bowels of Gaza by the terrorist organization Hamas.

Mr. Pierrakakis confirmed the Greek government's firm stance against anti-Semitism and emphasized that "the role of the school is to cultivate the values ​​of humanity, democracy, responsibility towards fellow human beings, dialogue and respect for diversity. It is not to encourage the free thinking of students nor to single them out based on gender, origin, religion or any other element of identity. Certainly, it is also not to distinguish the victims of terrorism or a war into innocent and guilty.

The meeting was attended by KISE President Mr. David Saltiel, First Vice President Mr. Manos Alkhanatis, General Secretary Mr. Victor Eliezer, General Treasurer Mr. Daniel Benardout, as well as General Secretary of Religious Affairs Mr. Giorgos Kalantzis.

Read here the entire announcement of the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs