Saturday afternoon May 18, 2024 the unveiling of the bust of Minos Samuel Matsas took place in Preveza, in the presence of the Minister of Tourism Olga Kefalogiannis.

The marble bust was created by the distinguished artist Mr. Praxitelis Tzanoulinos.

The event was attended by the Matsas family, the General Secretary of the Ministry of National Defense Antonis Oikonomou, the MPs of Preveza S. Kyriakis and K. Barkas, the Preveza Deputy Governor Str. Ioannou, Deputy Mayors, Municipal Councillors, the Mayor of Lefkada, the President of the Preveza Philharmonic Orchestra Dimitris Pappas, the former Member of Parliament of Preveza G. Tryfonidis, representatives of Associations, Organizations, etc.

The Mayor of Preveza Nikos Georgakos in his address said among other things: "Today we are unveiling the bust of the late and worthy Preveza musician - member and student of our historic Philharmonic Orchestra and pillar of the Greek discography, Minos Samuel Matsas. A worthy Greek, a child of the Preveza Jewish community from a family with a presence in Preveza since the 18th century" emphasized Mr. Georgakos and added that "the historic Philharmonic of Preveza 'Orfeas' under the direction of Chief Musician Mr. Thanasi Mitzoura participates in this warm ceremony. The Orchestra where he learned the language of love, peace, mutual respect for everyone".

The President of Minos-EMI Music production company Makis Matsas in his speech emphasized "On September 27, 1970, with deep emotion I carved on a cold marble, my father's grave, a few warm words that came out of my soul. To you my father, to you who taught me what friendship means, what love means, what justice means.
He was my teacher. And with these values ​​that Minos Matsas taught me, I have walked throughout my life," emphasized Mr. Matsas and then referred to the life of his father, from his birth in 1903 in Preveza, his studies at the High School, the music he learned at the Philharmonic of Preveza, hence the title written by his biographer under his name "From the Philharmonic of Preveza to the top of the Greek discography". He talked about his studies in Law and his military service where he served in the band, his acquaintance with the Chief Musician of the band where together they discovered that Minos Matsas has the talent of lyricism and wrote his first songs. He then spoke of his father's hiring as Manager, in 1920, in one of the largest record companies and his subsequent successful career.

The unveiling of the bust was made by the Minister of Tourism Olga Kefalogianni and the Mayor of Preveza Nikos Georgakos, to the sounds of the Preveza Philharmonic "Orfeus".

The event was followed by a concert at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Preveza, where Minos Matsas - award-winning composer and grandson of Minos Matsas - together with his six musicians and the two talented performers, Kostas Triantafyllidis and Dimitra Moraitis, performed well-known works of his grandfather.