In the context of the research program "The life of the Greek Jews, 1974 – 1990. Continuities and discontinuities" by Eleni Beze and Achillea Fotaki, organized on 9.5.2024 at the Historical Archive of the University of Athens, Conference on "Greek Jews after the Shoah. History, Identities, anti-Semitism (1945 – 1990)".

The conference was opened by professor at EKPA Dimitra Lampropoulou, which outlined the ongoing research program.

Then the representative of KISE Isaac-Sakis Leon delivered a speech where he noted the need to investigate the phenomenon of post-war anti-Semitism.

The first session included suggestions for various manifestations of post-war anti-Semitism in Greece through publications, press reports, as well as oral interviews (Dimitris Varvaritis, Maria Kavala and Eleni Kouki).

The second session included presentation on the unknown fate of the Jewish cemetery in Komotini (Vassilis Ritzaleos), the anti-Semitism as a childhood experience, as reflected in oral interviews (Pothiti Handzaroula), as well as for her return of the few survivors to Kavala through their correspondence (Rika Benveniste).

The third session was dedicated to impressions of Jews in post-war Greek cinema (Frangiski Ambatzopoulou) and in the camera (Nefeli Liondou).

In the fourth session, she was presented research by Achillea Fotakis and Eleni Beze on Greek Jews in the Postcolonial Era.

The day ended with two anthropological approaches to the memory of the Shoah of Greek Jews in Israel (Kerasia Malagiorgi) and her of student immigration from Greece to Israel (Vasiliki Giakoumaki).

The conference was attended by a large number of people, while people who lived through the Shoah gave a special tone to the discussion.