The video Gaza Graduation -which went viral on social media and made it all the way to his report Fox News- it would be funny if the reality it presents wasn't really tragic.

How well do the students protesting for Palestine know what they really stand for? This is what comedian and influencer Zach Sage wanted to find out and decided to tour American universities asking students simple questions about Gaza and the slogans they shout at the protests they participate in. When you're protesting for something, it would be good to know at least the basics!…

The result recorded in the video is comical... the situation is tragic... In fact emphasizing the ignorance, the video shows the annual tuition fees (tens of thousands of dollars!) next to the name of each university. 100 dollars for every correct answer! Zach Sage didn't give away a single 100 bucks (!) and the correct answers were given by him.

The dialogue with the students follows, ending with Zach Sage's characteristic phrase: “Students don't seem to know what they're standing for. Wouldn't it be really great if these expensive universities taught them something too?'

Question by Z.S.: Have you ever shouted the slogan "from the river to the sea Palestine will be free"?

Student: Yes

Question by Z.S.: Which river? which sea?

Student: The sea of... I don't know...

Z.S.: The correct answer is: The Mediterranean and the Jordan.

Question by Z.S.: What is the primary goal of Hamas according to its constitution?

College student: All he wants is to liberate Palestine.

Answer Z.S.: To murder the Jews of the whole world.

Question by Z.S.: How many years has Israel occupied Gaza?

College student: From the late 1800s

College student: All the years! Continuity

Student: Since '48

Answer Z.S.: It was basically under Egyptian control for the first twenty years or so, and then Israel actually pulled out of Gaza in 2006.

Students: I am shocked.

Students: What; They have gone;

Question by Z.S.: What is the definition of Zionism?

College student: That you hate Palestinians. Correctly;

Student: That the Jews believe that Judaism is the superior race.

Answer Z.S.: Zionism actually means believing that Jews are entitled to their own homeland to protect themselves from another Holocaust. You don't even have to be Jewish.

Question Z.S.: What does the Intifada revolution mean?

Student: I do not know what it means.

Question: But you've called it, haven't you?

Student: Yes.

Answer Z.S.: It's like a worldwide call to kill the Jews.

Student: Wow

Question by Z.S.: Did you know you were saying that thing?

Student: no

Question by Z.S.: Would you say that again?

Student: Probably not.

Question by Z.S.: How much money have our foreign rivals (China, Qatar, Russia) donated to American universities in the last decade?

Student: I haven't the slightest idea.

College student: I can't give you a number.

Answer Z.S.: The answer is: over 6 billion.

Question by Z.S.: How many refugees from Gaza have Arab neighboring countries let into their country in recent months?

Student: 35.000

Answer Z.S.: The answer is: zero…