On 31.5.2024, the general secretary of KISE Victor Eliezer participated in Thanasis Georgakopoulos' show "Magnifications" on the First Program of ERT and analyzed the situation in Israel. listen up HERE the show (minutes 00.25.35 – 00.40.20).

Here are excerpts from Mr. Eliezer's views:

* Seven months later ... the prosecutor of the International Court of Justice proposes to issue arrest warrants against the leaders of Hamas for a crime, for a massacre they committed against Israeli citizens. Seven months later!!! And the aggressor is equated with the victim, the defender with the aggressor, because 7 months later we are about to forget who was the aggressor and who was the defender.

* Do you have any doubt that Hamas did not foresee and did not expect this magnitude of destruction? In other words, when Sinuar and his company were planning the invasion and the massacre, did they not have in mind what the Israeli reaction would be?

* In a war, crimes are committed. I am not one to sanctify all the actions of the Israeli army. But there is a key difference between the methodical, systematic and declared practice of an organization to exterminate a people on the one hand and the commission of crimes by individual soldiers who are ultimately brought to Israeli justice.

* The question is whether the negative climate that has actually formed for Israel corresponds to the real events unfolding on the Gaza front and in Northern Israel, or not.

* This war is not a war of either Netanyahu or his far-right government. It is a war waged by a people for its survival. I have not met a single Israeli who does not seek the destruction of the Hamas war machine.

* There is a gap between the Netanyahu government and the opposition and this concerns the priorities of the war. For the opposition and the largest part of Israeli society, the first priority is the release of the hostages, while for the government the first priority is "total victory". And as long as the elections in Israel are delayed, unfortunately we will face a stalemate. I hope that I will be disproved and that this impasse will soon be lifted.

* People need to understand this. The ceasefire is part of the negotiation for the release of the hostages. It is not a prerequisite for negotiations to begin. The release of the hostages will mark the end of the war and the end of the suffering of the Palestinians in Gaza. Because these people are double victims. Victims of Israel trying to exterminate Hamas and victims of Hamas itself.

* The end of a war is not only marked by victory on the battlefields but also by the achievement of political goals. And indeed, Israel has not achieved, for now at least, any of the goals it had set. That is, the military and political extermination of Hamas, the release of the hostages and the prevention of any risk of a repeat of October 7. For this very reason, Netanyahu himself and his government are criticized in Israel. On the other hand, we should not forget that the political "victory" of Hamas rests on a huge propaganda machine and the close memory of many shapers of public opinion mainly on the Internet.

* Many people ask me, that is, there should not be a Palestinian state. I answer, of course, but let's define the borders. Because when they go to the demonstrations and call for the liberation of Palestine "from the river to the sea", they call for the destruction of Israel and align themselves with the Hamas constitution.

SOURCE: facebook Victor Is. Eliezer, 2.6.2024