CORFU. The Intercultural Youth Network of the Association of German Scouts (BDP) "Wilde Rose", which has a total of 200 members, maintains ties of friendship with the Israeli Community of Corfu. A twelve-member group of the Network is currently on the island of Faiakos, making a visit, with the aim of researching the history of the Israeli Community of Corfu and the Holocaust of the Corfu Jews.

Its members, on the morning of Friday 17.9.2021, visited the Jewish Synagogue and spoke with the Board of Directors. of the Israeli Community, in the context of the ties they have developed, wanting to pass the message of peaceful and equal coexistence of people, against all forms of violence and exclusion.

"The purpose of the visit is to deal with the history of the Jewish community, the Occupation and the tragic events of the Holocaust in World War II," Ionian University professor Hans Schlumm, who attended the meeting, emphasized to "E", pointing out that in the context of the group's visit to Greece, it will also travel to other areas that suffered from the German occupation, such as Filiates and other historical villages in Ioannina, paying tribute to the victims.

The Jews of Corfu

It is estimated that the number of Jewish citizens living in Corfu in 1940 amounts to 2.000. According to historical reports, on July 9, 1944, all 2.000 Jews were arrested, rounded up and registered in the great square by the Germans, who were then detained in the British hostels in the Old Fort.

Three successive missions followed with the final goal being the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland, where the 1700 were executed! The rest survived. The Holocaust is perhaps the largest, originating from the Greek area. The extermination operation of the Corfu Jews took place just three months before the final end of the war and for their surrender the then administrative authorities were also blamed.

"Today it is estimated that there are around 60 Jews living in Corfu, descendants of the then survivors, who are fully integrated into society", stressed the member of the Board of Directors. Nina Vital.

Historical mapping

As Mr. Schlumm pointed out, the network of "Wilde Rose" has been found in Corfu in the past, in the context of the ties that are developed with the Israeli Community of Corfu, while its goals are to carry out a historical mapping of the Israeli Community of the island.
At the same time, they have been developing the International Center for Integration and Greek-German Youth Exchanges in Dasia for six years. "This is a hotel aimed at people with disabilities and not only, with the aim of promoting the integration of people with special needs through children's or youth groups. Educational programs and seminars are held with good participation", emphasized Mr President of the "Wilde Rose" Network Herbert Swoboya, adding that since last year a corresponding Greek network has been developed with the cooperation of German and Greek Youth to strengthen the relations between the two peoples.

Source: UPDATE Corfu, 17.9.2021, by Maria Bazdrigianni.