The success of the cultural events for Albert Cohen and the international scientific conference on his work, which took place in 2010 in Corfu with the cooperation of the Municipality, the Israeli Community there and the "Memorial Albert Cohen" Foundation of Geneva, gave occasion and motivation for the creation of the Association "Friends of the Memoire Albert Cohen Foundation". The initiative and actions for the establishment of the Association in Corfu belong to the doctor Mr. Spyros Giurgas, who had a decisive role in the realization of last year's weekly dedication.

The belief that Corfu should remember the multi-awarded and multi-translated writer, who glorified his birthplace through his literary work, pushed Mr. Giurgas and a group of sensitized spiritual people to create this Association with the aim of holding events for A .Cohen on an annual basis. As the Association's announcement typically states: promoting the ideas of A. Cohen, who was a pioneering pacifist, world-renowned author, diplomat and humanitarian, the Association's work will focus its efforts on fighting hatred, racism and intolerance, in the protection of the rights of refugees and in the establishment of a European center for research and study of international law. Also, among the goals of the Association are the promotion of Albert Cohen's literary work, the reconstruction of his paternal home in Corfu and the establishment of an award in his name.
Events and Conference – Corfu May 8, 2011: This year's events took place in Corfu, on Sunday, May 8, 2011. The program started on Sunday morning with a religious ceremony in the Synagogue of Corfu, a musical event in the neighborhood of A. Cohen and a tour of the old town of Corfu. In the afternoon, the participants had the opportunity to attend the lectures of renowned scientists who analyzed the life and work of A. Cohen as a writer and diplomat. The president of the "Memorial Albert Cohen" Foundation of Geneva, Mr. Max Mamou, also participated in the events. The Conference concluded with the announcement of the establishment of the "Albert Cohen Award".