As part of the Gastronomy and Wine Festival that took place in Corfu from 8 to 12 May 2019, the organizers included the Israeli Community of Corfu and the Jewish traditions of the island in the Festival which united the peoples of the Mediterranean and Europe, as well as the culture and their traditions.

On Saturday, 11.5.2019, two events took place that had as their theme the Jewish culture of Corfu. At 19:00, inside the Synagogue, the choreographer and director Petros Gallias recited excerpts from the Song of Songs and at the same time the violinist Redona Kolla and the cellist Ambrosios Vlachopoulos presented musical themes by Jewish composers and film music from films with Jewish content.

The event was honored with their presence by the Mayor of the City, the Deputy Governor, the President of the Israeli Community, many local actors and a large crowd.

Then, in a restaurant in the Jewish quarter, the customers had the opportunity to try traditional foods of the Jewish wine region.

Also, at the Marbela Nido hotel, the well-known Israeli Chef, Massimiliano di Matteo, created a menu using modern techniques based on the best-known Jewish recipes of the Mediterranean.