An event on the occasion of the anniversary of March 25th was held on 21.3.2024 by the University of Thessaly, during which three excellent students of P.Th. scholarships from the Israeli Community of Volos.

The event was attended by the Metropolitan of Dimitrias and Almyros Mr. Ignatios, the rector of P.Th. and representatives of military units in the area and representatives of the Security Forces.

In his statement, president of the Israeli Community of Volos, Marcel Solomon, said that the Community always tries to contribute to the progress of the city, to solidarity and especially to the University, which is a high-level institution, and to the students who bring brightness to the city and upgrade it. "We consider it our duty to exhaust our energies and offer to the place where we were born and live," he pointed out.

Mr. Solomon mentioned that the scholarships were given this year for the 15th year in a row, which correspond to checks of €1000 for each honoree and for the last 10-12 years the Zacharia Saki family has been covering and added that the students are selected by the University with a unique criterion their high score.

Ο rector of P.Th. Charalambos Billinis he emphasized that the scholarships of the Israeli Community, granted since 2009, are an institution and the educational institution is grateful to its community for supporting education and students.

Regarding the occupations, the rector stated that they have finished in all departments, while instructions are awaited from the ministry regarding the examination that was lost for four departments.

The masters

Η Maria Kapodistria, from Volos, a student in the 4th year of the Preschool Department, with a grade of 9,6 stated that she achieved a life goal, obtaining her first degree. As she said, she had left school because of her family, 4 years ago she decided to continue it, took Panhellenics with her son and entered the Preschool Education Department.

A graduate of a private school who used to work in daycares, she said she loves children very much and thanked the Israelite Community for the gesture that is best for the students.

Η Sophia Papamargaritis, from Volos, a student in the 5th year of the Department of Architectural Engineering, with a grade of 9,36, said that today she realized her success and she herself did what she likes. Married and a mother of two children, she mentioned that there was not enough time for work, family and University, but she liked and responded to the exhausting schedule, often forgetting to sleep.

The student works at the same time as a construction technician at the Antiquities Tax Office of Magnesia and now her degree will be submitted to the Ministry of Culture and she will move on to the promotion of antiquities.

Finally, the Dimitris Pliatsikas, from Larissa, a student in the 6th year of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Athens, with an average of 9,3, said that his involvement with the school has been almost daily for 5,5 years and emphasized that it is a school that beyond from someone being able to take her out, it is also to want it too much.

He himself wants to pursue the field of Ophthalmology and emphasized that this scholarship is not only a financial reward, but gives strength to continue and rewards the effort, which is even more important.

At the end of the event, male and female students of the 1st Nea Ionia Magnisia - Experimental High School presented a musical program, under the direction of the School's Music teacher, Ms. Maria Lagou.

Source:, 21.3.2024