PRESS RELEASE, Larissa, 4.8.2023: The Israelite Community of Larissa observes with concern the public debate that has been developing in recent days, regarding the issue of the cemetery, on which we would like to clarify the following:

Because the Jewish religion forbids the burial of the dead and the existing space of the Jewish Cemetery is almost full, some time ago we submitted a request to the Municipal Authority, to grant a small tangential area, for the burial needs of our members in the coming years.

The specific area belongs to the area that is already designated as a cemetery, in the area of ​​Anthoupoli and is empty. Consequently, no exhumation and no moving of a grave will and we would not accept it to be done for this purpose. After all, such a thing would contradict the unlimited respect, both of the Israelite Community, and of the Jewish religion itself, for every holy place, of any religion.

Our request is in the process of being examined by the relevant Municipal services.

The Israelite Community, with its centuries-long history in this city and its always dignified and law-abiding course, should not be the subject of political controversy and impression-making.

We must all defend the harmonious climate of respect, understanding and cooperation of the citizens of our city, regardless of religion or other discrimination, which traditionally characterizes Larissa.


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