The Consulate General of Greece in New York and the Association of American Friends of the Jewish Museum of Athens organized an event for the Holocaust Remembrance Day of the Greek Jews, on Thursday, January 18, 2024, at the Hebrew College of New York, as reported by the expatriate website Anamneisis. net.

The main speaker at the event was Beatriki Saias-Magrizou, author of the novel "The Bracelet of Fire", which describes the story of the extermination of the Jews of Thessaloniki during the Second World War, through the narration of her father who lived through the experience of the German camps gathering, he managed to survive and told it to his daughter shortly before he died.

This novel was also based on the ERT series of the same title, directed by Giorgos Gikapappa and written by Nikos Apiranthitis and Sofia Sotiriou, which was and continues to be shown with great success on ERTFLIX and also on ERTFLIX INTERNATIONAL with English subtitles. A three-minute video from the series was shown during the event.

Present in the packed hall at the Hebrew College were, among others, Acting Consul General of Israel Aviv Ezra, President of the Association of American Friends of the Jewish Museum of Athens Solomon Asser, Rabbi Diana S. Gerson and the Executive Director of Alma Bank Nancy Papaioannou. Archbishop of America Elpidophoros was represented by Archdiocese of America Archimandrite Nektarios Papazafeiropoulos.

During his greeting, the Consul General of Greece in New York, Ambassador Mr. Dinos Konstantinou, stated that the purpose of the event is to commemorate the 6 million Jewish and other minority victims of the Holocaust, among whom were 70.000 Greek Jews. who made up 85% of the historical Jewish community of Greece, which has always been an integral part of the Greek Nation.

He also stated that today minorities around the world are targeted based on their racial, religious, ethnic or sexual identity, public debate is affected by neo-Nazi rhetoric and conspiracy theories, while hate speech and stereotypes are particularly prevalent on Social Media Networking. For this reason, he emphasized, it is our historical duty and duty to deal with anti-Semitism, racism, discrimination and intolerance.

Introducing the main speaker of the event, Mr. Constantinou underlined the importance of preserving the memory of the Holocaust, especially in a world full of those who deny it and those who try to reduce its importance, as well as passing on the history of these tragic events to the younger generations , so as to solidify "never again" and prevent its future repetition.

The Acting Consul General of Israel, Aviv Ezra, and the President of the American Friends of the Jewish Museum of Greece, Solomon Asser, also addressed the event.

Source: ERTNEWS, 21.1.2024

  • Ms. Magrizou, as part of her visit to the USA, gave an interview to Chrysa Avramis of cosmos fm in New York. listen up HERE her entire New York Holocaust Memorial Day speech and interview.