It was approved on 5.9.2023 at the Municipal Council of Larissa the release of real estate from expropriation, in the common area K.X. 871, which encloses the XNUMXst Ancient Theater of Larissa, from Venizelou, Filellinon and Papaflessa streets, and the rest remains as it is, with the aim of further highlighting the monument.

"Everyone's common desire is to complete the expropriation of the First Ancient Theater. With the proposal we are making, a building stock of the area remains and at the same time the common area, which remains as it is, can ensure access to the monument from the side of the bakeries and the theater can gain a second access" said yesterday the mayor of Larissa, Apostolos Kalogiannis, in framework for discussion of the issue of lifting the expropriation of part of the K.X. 871, at the meeting of the Municipal Council of Larissa.

In more detail, it was decided to remove the commitment as a common area of ​​the area from the junction of Venizelos and Filellini streets, up to the junction of Papaflessa and Metropolitan Arseniou streets. In other words, in this section, the designation common space is abolished and an OT is created. 871.
The properties included in this section are released and assigned to their owners, with strict conditions of construction and use.

The head of the major opposition, Mr. Than, expressed his opposition. Mamakos in lifting the expropriation of part of K.X. 871, stating that his position is for the common area to remain as it is, without the proposed changes, as well as K.X. 867C and 867A". In fact, he proposed the creation of a Land Bank in the Municipality of Larissa for the issues of expropriations in general in the city. He also reminded that "in July 2021, the Municipal Council had decided to preserve the character of K.X. 871".

"It is a social management that had to be done..." said Mr. Diamantos, pointing out that the proposal in question solves the hostage situation of property owners who have no archaeological interest.
It should be noted that the head of the major opposition, Mr. Mamakos, had proposed to postpone the discussion of the issue to another time, while the head of the "People's Rally" Mr. Krikis also suggested the withdrawal of the issue. A roll call followed and it was approved with 22 yes and 16 no.


"The project to create a memorial park in the Old Cemetery, amounting to 1.300 million euros, has not yet been announced, but the expansion of the Jewish Cemetery was planned. We grant the Jewish Cemetery 900 meters in a place where no burial has ever been done.

The project of the memorial park has been extended by the "Tritsis" Program, from which it is financed (by 500.000 euros)" said the deputy mayor Mr. G. Shultis during the discussion of the proposal of the Municipality to allocate space in the Old Cemetery to the Israeli Community of Larissa .
"It is not a new cemetery, nor an expansion, it is an internal arrangement" said the mayor of Larissa.

Ο President of the Israeli Community, Mr. Manouach, in his presentation to the Municipal Council, emphasized that "Jews have always had very good relations with Orthodox Christians. They are an undeniable link in the life of the city. Larissa was the first city nationwide to dedicate a square to the Holocaust and set up the first monument in the country.

Our request was dictated because the space of the Jewish Cemetery is full. The concession will be made with all legality and with all respect to the cemetery of Orthodox Christians".

Mr. Mamakos described the Israeli Community's request as "legal and justified", while at the same time he pointed out that the file on the matter submitted by the Municipal Authority to the body was incomplete, "since a plan with the exact area of ​​the concession had not been included". Finally, Mr. Mamakos agreed to the concession. It was approved unanimously.

*Data from website Freedom, 6.9.2023