On Friday, March 8, 2024, I.K. Larissa had the pleasure of welcoming the students of the Jewish Primary School of the Israelite Community of Thessaloniki. The children with their teachers, on their way to Athens, for the established annual meeting of Jewish school students, made a stop in Larissa, to pick up our own students, but also to get to know our Community.

The President of the Community, Mr. Moussis Manouach, welcomed them to the yard of the Hebrew School of Larissa and the Director, Mrs. Alina Mousis, presented them with a few words about the history of the school and the important role it played in the journey of our Community and in the formation of the identity of its members. It is worth noting that two of the teachers of the School of Thessaloniki, Mrs. Allegra France and Mr. David Mousis, were also students of the Hebrew School of Larissa and completed the presentation with their beautiful personal memories.

Afterwards, the children visited the Holocaust Memorial, where they learned about the persecution of the Jews of Larissa and discussed the symbolism of the work of art that constitutes the monument.

Leaving, they "decorated" it with their white flowers...

Particularly touching was the moment when the Director of the Hebrew School of Thessaloniki Mrs. Eva Saulidou - Sevi offered the President of ICL, as a commemorative gift of the visit, a wonderful large mezuzah for the Synagogue of Larissa. Indeed, there is no gift more meaningful than this and no gesture more symbolic given that it came from children! It is certain that this particular mezuzah will take the place it deserves at the front door of our Synagogue, when hopefully the work is completed and it reopens its doors!