The Kabbalat Shabbat service in Larissa on the evening of Friday, October 13, 2023 was special, as many members of the Community responded to the call of the council and filled the Community Center, to show their support for Israel, which is sorely tested after the recent terrorist attacks. Hamas invasion.

Particularly touching was the moment of Cadiz, which was recited by all together, in memory of the hundreds of Israelis who were brutally murdered by the terrorists of Hamas.

Ο Rabbi Mr. Elias Sabetai, with a particularly emotionally charged speech, referred to the events in Israel, characterizing them as the first inhumane pogrom of the 21st century and emphasized the right, but also the duty, of Israel to eliminate the black evil of terrorism and inhumanity, closing with the certainty that "after the darkness of the killers of Hamas, oh my God - there will be light and the hearts of all Israelis, the hearts of all Jews and the hearts of all noble and civilized people will be illuminated by the bright light that the State of Israel will once again emit ».

Ο President of the Community Mr. Moses Manouach, reiterated our support for Israel, the families of the victims and the kidnapped hostages, and expressed the wish of all of us for a permanent and sustainable peace in the long-suffering land of Israel, while declaring the satisfaction of Greek Jewry for the attitude of the Greek state in recent events. His speech ended with the following resounding message: “In these difficult times, as Diaspora Jews and as a Community, we must stand by Israel's side. At the same time, however, we must continue our community activity as normal, proving that we are united, proud and strong. Fear and insecurity are emotions that we have left behind in our painful history and that should no longer define our lives. AM ISRAEL HAI".

The service and the show of support closed with the lighting by the Rabbi of the prayer for Peace in the State of Israel and with the "Atikvah" sung by all together with emotion.

Source: I.K. Larisa