The allocation of burial rights in the Old Cemetery by the Municipality of Larissa to the Israelite Community of Larissa, in an area designated as a cemetery, is the proposal submitted for discussion at the table of the Municipal Authority of Larissa, in the context of a request submitted by the Israelite Community of Larisa to the Municipality of Larisa, to cover the burial needs of its members.

At the same time, there appears to be an issue of redevelopment of the area outside the cemetery, and specifically of the plot of land that is designated as a cemetery and is located outside its perimeter, opposite the park on Alexandroupolis, but it is proposed to change its use as a public space and to form a park, playground and multi-storey underground parking.

In particular, regarding the request of the Israelite Community of Larissa, the deputy mayor of Sustainable Mobility and Smart City Systems, Mr. Dinos Diamantos, claims that the Municipality of Larissa can allocate burial rights to the Israelite Community in the Old Cemetery and in an area where there are no family burial rights.

The proposal concerns the zoning of burial rights in an area of ​​1000 sq.m. According to the Urban planning data in force until today (GIS, Urban planning study) the use of the whole area is a general "Cemetery" and specifically the area of ​​the three cemeteries of the Jewish, the Orthodox and the Military. Consequently, there is no question of establishing a new Cemetery.

Also, "amendment of approved city plan" with "change of use from another to cemetery" is not required because the intended land use is "Cemetery".

Any arrangement of "internal layout and operation" within the entire area with permitted land use "cemetery simply requires consent between the apparent owners with decisions of their institutional bodies".

It is about "differentiation in the internal function-location of the Cemetery" and in particular the determination of a special space for the burial of members of the Jewish Community (which is not foreseen by any decision of the Board of Directors to stop new burials taking into account the sacred specificity of Religion against the dead by not exhuming them). This arrangement of "internal layout" for the Jewish Community does not constitute an "extension" of a cemetery and is not subject to Article 3 of Ministerial Decision A5/1210/1978 - Gazette B-424/10-5-1978 On conditions for the establishment of cemeteries. Also, due to the continuation of the operation of the Old Cemetery due to the family graves, it is not subject to a Ministerial Decision regarding Cemeteries that have been "abandoned".


From the Quality of Life Committee, it is planned to submit a proposal to the Municipal Council of Larissa for "Amendment of the Town Plan section of the OT. 384A and specifically in a section with an area of ​​4.650,00 m2 from KAEK 3108137050012 owned by the Municipality of Larissa according to the attached to this plan with a change of use from "Cemetery" to "Common Space (K.X)" use - Playground - possibility of building a multi-storey building underground municipal parking space".

This is the area adjacent to the sides of the fence of the Military and Jewish Cemetery and is located opposite the parking lot on Farsalon and Alexandroupoleos Streets.


In a related post, on his personal account, the deputy mayor of Sustainable Mobility and Smart City Systems, Mr. Dinos Diamantos states:For the matter of the Old Cemetery and in particular the request of the Jewish Community of Larissa for the rezoning of the burial place of its members in order to cover these sacred needs in a sufficient time horizon, I was involved from the first moment of this term. I had to, I had to know first - and we should know as Larissaians - some historical facts concerning this old historical Community of our fellow citizens with a timeless contribution to our city.

For example, the old historic Jewish cemetery of Larissa was located in the area of ​​Plovdiv. It was used until the beginning of the 20th century, but was gradually encroached upon by various. Finally, during the period of occupation and after it, it was completely destroyed, while a whole new district was built in this area to house the refugees from Eastern Romilia (it is not the only one in Greece, and in Thessaloniki the same happened in the area of AUTH).

This is how, from around 1900, an area emerged, next to the Christian cemetery, in the Anthoupoli district, which he created for the burial of its dead.

Legally, technically and ethically, there is the possibility of redefining the burial place of the members of the Jewish Community of Larissa.

I state this opinion publicly and obviously, this opinion I believe gives a holistic solution to various issues of the specific area using "Cemetery". Not only a solution to the just request of the Jewish Community of Larissa, but for the neighborhood by securing an additional Green Shared Space combined with the possibility of a Regional underground parking for the city at an important access point to the central area.

And of course, the integrated ready to start the project of renovating the Cemetery by turning it into a historical Memorial Park with the highlighting of the aesthetics and the Art hosted in this space.

Unfortunately of course, the haste, ignorance and divisive attitude was not "cured" even after the hasty institutional visit of the candidate to the Jewish Community of Larissa, since unfortunately the "question" was not withdrawn and remains with the President of the Board of Directors.

In the Municipal Council, of course, everyone will measure their responsibility by their attitude.

With the required respect, sensitivity, with a holistic approach and always serving the Unity of the local Society we deliver: Solution to the request of the Jewish Community for the burial of its members compatible with the law and ethics. A new Green Shared Space and Playground in the Anthoupoli district. A new Regional underground car park at an important 'gateway' to the city centre'.

Source: Eleftheria of Larissa, 22.8.2023