The candidate for mayor of Larissa Thanasis Mamakos had a meeting with the Board of Directors of the Jewish Community of Larissa on 11.8.2023, on the occasion of case of the Old Cemetery.

At the meeting, which took place in a particularly cordial atmosphere, the president Moses Manouach and the members of the Board of Directors. of the Israelite Community of Larissa informed the candidate mayor regarding the timetable for the implementation of the projects for the completion of the Synagogue building, as well as the request to the Municipal Authority for the expansion of the burial area of ​​the Jewish cemetery. "Your visit here today proves that you, in your capacity as the head of the majority minority, but also as a candidate for mayor, count and see our Community with respect and this gives us great joy. The current administration of the Community marches with the slogan "No one is left out", for the city of Larissa, which we all live in and love", noted, among other things, Mr. Manouach, wishing Mr. Mamako "a good fight and good success in upcoming elections".

For his part, the candidate for mayor of Larissa underlined, in all tones, the long-standing support of the faction to the fair and legal demands of the Community. "I thank the members of the Board of Directors of the Israeli Community of Larissa and its president, Moses Manouach, for the invitation and for the fruitful discussion we had. Our faction has always been on the side of the just and legal demands of the Community. I wish success in the work of the newly elected Board of Directors, a work which is based on its rich social activity. The challenges are common, for a Larissa that we deserve", stressed Mr. Mamakos.

In addition to the president, Moses Manouach, the vice-president Nina Tarabulous-Moussa, the treasurer Simeon (Simon) Magrizos, the auditor Albertos Misdrahis, the members Moses (Mimi) Roussos and Albertos Begas, the president of the Community Assembly Samuel also participated in the meeting Begas, as well as the member of the Israeli Community and candidate for municipal councilor of the faction "The Larissa we deserve!", Alberto (Abraham) Zacar.

Source: Freedom, 12.8.2023