The events of honor in memory of the victims of the Holocaust and wishes for the achievement of peace dominated the meeting that the Mayor of Larissa, Mr. Thanasis Mamakos, had with the President of the Central Jewish Council (KIS) of Greece, David Saltiel, on 25.1.2024.

"Let there be Peace, where people fight and are killed. A solution must be found, they must shake hands and we can all move forward peacefully together. What happened in Israel, where 2.000 people were killed for no reason, is on par with the Holocaust. The evil must stop and there must be peace in the region, which unfortunately has not been there for 70 years.

Today is Memorial Day. This means to remember the victims of the Holocaust, the victims who perished in Auschwitz, an unimaginable number - 6 million people, the size of Greece after the war - perished only because they were Jews" noted the President of KIS Greece David Saltiel.

"We remember the Holocaust of the 6 million Jews of Europe - including 67.000 Greek Jews and 235 citizens of our city. We remember and must not forget that the history of the world we live in is a process of perpetual conflict between creative and destructive forces. We will honor the memory of the victims of the Holocaust if we never forget, if we never become complacent, if we never become accomplices, if we never remain silent" said Mr. Mamakos.

the earth: ERT News, 25.1.2024