A breath before the start of the work is the Holocaust Museum, a much-discussed and emblematic monument for Thessaloniki and the world community as it will be a point of reference against fascism and racism.

According to the latest information and as can be seen in the photos of "Radio Thessaloniki", the installation of the construction site has begun with the officials cleaning the area, burning and removing the dry grass while at the same time sheets have been placed around to avoid accidents.

The building permit has been issued and the subcontractor has been found for the first works, those of excavations and supports. However, for work to begin in the coming weeks, electricity and water supply must be secured.

"We are at the stage where the construction site has been set up and the area has been cleared. I know the contractor wants to start right away, he wants to put in electricity and water. Without these benefits they cannot start.

I can't wait to hear and see the machines in action too. It has been more than seven years, I think the time has come," said the president of the Israeli Community, David Saltiel.

The preliminary works will last approximately seven months, during which time the tender documents will be prepared for the tender of the next phase, i.e. for the main part of the construction.

The museum will have a total area of ​​approximately 9.000 sq.m. and will consist of six above-ground and two underground floors. It will also grow around a small urban grove. In addition to the permanent exhibition spaces, it will include spaces for periodical exhibitions, archives, education and research, multi-purpose and leisure spaces and administrative offices, while the open-air parking area will be created on the adjacent property.

It is estimated that every year it will attract more than 500.000 visitors, while it is estimated that it will strengthen the position of Thessaloniki on the world tourist map.

SOURCE: Website thessnews.gr, 10.6.2024