A minute's silence was observed by the Plenary of the Parliament, in memory of the victims of the Greek Jewish Martyrs and Heroes of the Holocaust.

"Today we commemorate six million Jews and many more victims of the unprecedented cruelty and horror of the Nazi regime. However, we also honor all those who managed to survive, living witnesses of the extermination camps during the second world war", emphasized the 3rd Vice President of the Parliament, Thanasis Bouras, at the special honor event held

"On this day, all humanity must remember the inhumane events that occurred during the Holocaust. As we move away in time from the second world war and as the number of survivors dwindles, the responsibility falls on us to continue fighting against Nazism", Mr. Bouras pointed out.

The special event was attended by Alexandra Santa, daughter of the late hero of the resistance, Laki Santa and member of the secretariat of the National Council for Claiming German Debts, and Marios Soussis, former president of the Association of Descendants of Holocaust Victims, from the galleries of the Parliament, after invitation of the president of "Pleusis Eleftherias", Zoe Konstantopoulou.