ERA SPORT honors the International Holocaust Remembrance Day with two sports radio documentaries of ERT journalist Thomas Sideris that will be broadcast on January 21 and 28, 2024.

In particular, on January 21, from 12:00 to 13:00 the sports documentary will be broadcast"The last match in Theresienstadt", while on January 28, at the same time, the sports documentary will be broadcast "The Boxers of Auschwitz".

In the first documentary, listeners will be transported to the Theresienstadt ghetto, eighty kilometers outside Prague. Theresienstadt was the most idiosyncratic ghetto of World War II, after the Nazis deported Jewish artists from Europe to it. There, in the summer of 1944, a football match was played, which was to be the last of the championships of the so-called "Terezin league". Of the skeletal footballers of that match, as captured in Kurt Gerron's film, the only surviving film from the ghetto, none survived.

In the second documentary entitled "The Boxers of Auschwitz", the story of the Makabis Thessaloniki sports club unfolds through the stories of associate professor Nikos Zaikos, philologist professor and writer Leontos Nar and athlete Levis Benouzilios. Along with the team's highlights, the parallel horror story unfolds where the Nazis ordered the Maccabi boxers held hostage in Auschwitz to fight boxing matches in the extermination camp. The radio documentary features songs from the play "I've Never Forgotten You" staged in 2017 by the State Theater of Northern Greece, written by Leos Nar and performed by Sofia Kalemkeridou.

Research / documentation / presentation: Thomas Sideris