On October 17 & 18, 2012, an international Conference on "The Holocaust in Thessaloniki" was held in the ceremony hall of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), which was organized by the Council of Europe (CoE), AUTH and the Municipality of Thessaloniki with the support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.           
The first day of the Conference began with greetings from the rector of AUTH Mr. Ioannis Mylopoulos, the president of the Central Jewish Council of Greece and the I.K. Thessaloniki Mr. David Saltiel, the co-chairman of the official Dialogue between Orthodoxy and Judaism of the Ecumenical Patriarchate Metropolitan of France Mr. Emmanuel and the person in charge of the Program "Transmitting the Memory of the Holocaust and Prevention of Crimes against Humanity" of the Council of Europe Mrs. Carol Reich.
Afterwards, introductory speeches were given by the scientific associate of the Holocaust Remembrance Program of the CoE Ms. Fabienne Regard, on the topic "Recalling the Holocaust", the   university professor Paul-Valery, of Montpellier, France, Ms. Carol Iancu on the topic "The Holocaust in Europe", the Curator of the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki, Mr. Evangelos Hekimoglou on the topic "The local historiography of Thessaloniki and the issue of multi-cultural coexistence", the historian Ms. Rena Molho on the topic "The extermination of the Jews of Thessaloniki" and Dr. Paul Isaac Havel on the topic "The Holocaust in a Greek and Local context: Memory, Transmission of Memory, Education and Training, Media, State».         
This was followed by a discussion on "The Holocaust in question: who, when, where, how?" moderated by journalist Efi Tselikas.               
In the afternoon of the same day, the participants were guided to the Jewish attractions of Thessaloniki by Mrs. Rena Molho. 
On the second day of the Conference, there were round table discussions on the recording of research on the Holocaust, in which Mr. Andreas Pantazopoulos, Stratos Dordanas, Kostas Theologu and Georgios Antoniou participated, on the transmission of Holocaust Remembrance through Education, the Mass Media, etc. which was attended by Mr. Georgios Kokkinos and Dimitris Mavroskoufis, Mrs. Eleni Hontolidou and Mariza Decastro and for the place of the Holocaust in fantasy (literature, arts, cinema) which was attended by Mrs. Frangiski Ambatzopoulou, Francine Mayran, Maroula Kliafa, Fofo Terzidou and Mr. Nikos Davvetas.   
This was followed by a discussion on the Jewish diaspora of Thessaloniki in which Mr. Jacques Benroubi, Alain Navarro and Clement Yana participated.  
During the Conference, a meeting was held with Mrs. Rozi Saltiel and Yvonne Capon, Holocaust survivors, and with Mrs. O. Triantafillou and M. Triantafillou who have received the title of "Right of Nations" from Yad Vashem.
The Conference closed with a speech by the representative of the Mayor of Thessaloniki regarding the multicultural policy and the multiculturalism of the city and its actions for the future.             
During the Conference, a book exhibition on the Holocaust was held and the films "By-standing and Standing-by", produced in 2012 directed by Fofos Terzidou and "Thessaloniki, city of silence", produced in 2006 by Michel Amaraggi, were shown.       
Few words for This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. documentary "By-standing and Standing-by"
The documentary "By-standingand Standing-by" it chronicles the destruction of the Jewish community of Thessaloniki, the oldest Jewish community in Europe, alongside the unknown story of the rescue of the smallest Jewish community in Greece at the same time, neighboring Katerinis.
This is an essay documentary, with rare photographic and archival material. It consists of personal testimonies of people who lived the events and survived as well as historical, sociological and psychoanalytic positions of well-known historians and theorists.
The documentary includes interviews with Rena Molho, Strato Dordana, Maria Kavala, Paris Papamicho-Chronaki, Steven Bowman, Kathryn Fleming, Andreas Pantazopoulos and Nikos Tzavara.
The documentary was shown on ERT, at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, at the Chalkida Documentary Festival as well as at the Fort Lauderdale International Festival in Florida.