With a rich two days of events the Municipality of Artaion celebrated the Memorial Day of the Jewish Community of Arta again this year. The events started on Saturday 18 March 2023 and ended on Sunday 19, with actions that included an elaborate program of honor for those forcibly displaced and tortured by the Nazi atrocity of the Second World War. The goal of the Municipal Authority, but also of the clubs that contributed to the program of events, was not to forget the crimes against humanity and the grim fate that the Nazis reserved for Jews.

Thus, on Saturday morning, it took place in the spiritual roof of the Skoufas M/F Association "Choral Music from the Concentration Camps", with Antonios Verberis, teacher of the Department of Music Studies, and the Choir of the Department of Music Studies of the University of Ioannina sang.

Then it became "Report to Iosif Lachanas" with speakers Theoharis Vadivoulis, lawyer - graphologist - historical researcher, Bella Aaron, Vice President O.P.A.I.E. and Dorit Perry, representative of the organization "Giving a face to the fallen". This was followed by a tribute from the choir of the 15rd Gymnasium of the Arta Music School with a message from the President of the XNUMX-member group. At Saturday's events, there was also a special tribute to the recently deceased Mayor of Ioannito, Moses Elisaf, with the philologist Katerina Schishinou, speaking about "the end of an era".

Follow memorial service and laying of wreaths at the Holocaust Memorial and candlelit procession through the Jewish Quarter to Kilkis Square, to the point where the occupation forces gathered the arrested Artin Jews. It is recalled how last year the municipal authority proceeded to name the street in front of the monument, in memory of Isaac Mizan, an art survivor of Auschwitz, while in the area of ​​the monument the Municipality of Artaion has placed a sign that provides information via mobile phone about the Holocaust memorial and of the former Jewish Community of Arta.

The memorial services closed on Sunday morning with "Walk" and with the historical tour by Mr. Theoharis Vadivoulis, researcher of the history of the Israelite Community of Arta.

The events were also attended by the Mayor of Artaion, Christos Tsirogiannis, who thanked the representatives of the Central Jewish Council and the Jewish Communities who attended, as well as the "Skoufa" Association for hosting the central event, as well as everyone who "attended" the events.

Significant representation

Among others, the Consul of Germany in Thessaloniki Walter Stechel, the Deputy Minister of Rural Development Arta MP Giorgos Stylios, the MP of PASOK KINAL Christos Gokas, the Deputy Regional Governor of Arta Vassilis Psathas, the Deputy Mayor of Culture Nikos Liontos, the Deputy Mayor of Technical Works Sotiris Christoulis attended the events , the President of the Arta Community Antonis Karabinas, the Police Director of Arta Christos Tyrologos, the Commander of the Arta Fire Service, Deputy Fire Chief Antonios Theoharis, from the Central Jewish Council of Greece, the General Secretary Mr. Victor Eliezer, from the Jewish Community of Athens, Mr. Joseph Mizan, Rabbi Mr. Gabriel Negrin, representative of the Jews of Artina, Mr. Benis Mizan, representative of the Hellenic-Israeli Chamber, Ms. Suzana Frances, representative of the Israeli Community of Ioannina, Ms. Allegra Matsa, representative of the Artas "Skoufas" Musicological Association, Mr. Charilaos Vagias, and representatives of the organization Giving a face to the fallen, Ms. Dorit Perry – Mr. Uri Saghi.

Source: website of the Municipality of Artaion, 21.3.2023