Commemoration march in honor of the Jewish Community of Kastoria that perished in Auschwitz took place on 26.3.2023 in an event organized by the Municipality of the uninhabited city.

At the head of the symbolic March of Remembrance that started from Omonia Square to the Holocaust Memorial of the Jewish Community was mayor of Kastoria Yannis Korentsidis, o President of the Central Jewish Council of Greece and the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki, David Saltiel, the MPs of Kastoria, Zisis Tzikalayas and Olympia Teligioridou, n Consul General of Germany in Thessaloniki, Sibylla Bendick, o President of the Community Assembly of the Israeli Community of Thessaloniki, Solomon Parente and the representative of the latter of a remaining Jewish family of Kastoria Iakovos Eliou, while dozens of citizens participated.

A memorial service was held at the monument by the Rabbi of the Israelite Community of Thessaloniki, Aaron Israel and Kastorian Isaac Cohen.

In the hall of the Kastoria Municipal Council, they spoke about the city's Jewish community and the tragic events of March 24, 1944, when the German occupiers arrested and then transported to Auschwitz all its members, the Mayor of Kastoria, and the president of the KIS.

This was followed by the screening of a short film entitled "Shed a tear for us", referring to the events of March 24, 1944, which was filmed in 2020, but could not be shown publicly then due to the pandemic.

Source: Athenian - Macedonian News Agency, 26.3.2023