On 28.11.2023, the premiere of the historical documentary MY PEOPLE, by the actress and director Anna Rezan, took place at the Athens Concert Hall, under the auspices of the Hellenic Parliament, in the presence of parliamentarians, people of the spirit and culture, journalists and members of the Greek Jewish Community .

The award-winning documentary presents the history of Greek Jews, focusing on the period of World War II, through its creator's search for her family history. In an inventive way, Anna Rezan recreates the Occupation and the Holocaust through testimonies and memories of survivors - Nina Benroubi, Isaac Mizan, Nina Negrin, Stella Cohen, Makis Matsa and Moises Constantini. Anna Rezan's footsteps brought her to the cities - milestones of Greek-Jewish history, but also to Auschwitz, where she began the investigation into the fate of her grandmother. With an abundance of historical elements and a "masterful montage that combines archive film, documents and narratives", as EME President and film producer Mikis Modiano pointed out in his address, the documentary renders history in the light of micro-history.

Before the start of the event, which was presented by Tilda Isaiah, G.G. of KISE's Victor Eliezer, who addressed the documentary's ever-present messages about anti-Semitism, noting its resurgence after the October 7 Hamas terror attack on Israel. As characteristically pointed out, among others, G.G. of KISE: "Anna Rezan's film 'My people' beyond memory and knowledge about the past is also a resounding call for the release and return of the hostages to their homes."
EME president Mikis Modiano spoke about the documentary and the excellent and meticulous work of its creator, Anna Rezan.

This was followed by the screening of MY PEOPLE and the event was concluded with a few words from Anna Rezan, who was visibly moved and spoke about what the creation of the documentary means to her and how much she was shocked by the progress of her research, her tour of the Holocaust landmarks and her contact with the survivors - her own people - who also provided the inspiration for the title of the work.