The autobiographical work "My Struggle", written by Adolf Hitler in 1924 and which became the "Bible of the Third Reich" after he came to power in 1933, has come into the news again and is deeply dividing public opinion.

The concern arose from the fact that the book has been banned in Germany since 1945, but that ban expires in 2015 and there are conflicting opinions on whether it should be reissued or not. The rights of the book belong to the state of Bavaria. It is therefore up to the courts to decide whether to extend the ban beyond that date, based on the Nazi propaganda law.

The Jewish Council of Germany is in favor of republishing the book in question, provided it is accompanied by references and comments by academics, who will demolish the "Führer's" outrageous theories one by one. In his statements, the president of the Council of Germany, Mr. Stefan Kramer, emphasized that "A historical critical edition must be prepared from today in order to prevent various neo-Nazi groups that will want to benefit from the end of the ban."       

On this subject, an extensive article by the journalist Mr. Augustinos Zenakos was published on 30.8.09, in the newspaper "To Vima", in which, in addition to the report on the reissue of the book, the positions of the Embassy of Israel in Greece are also mentioned as well as K.I.S.
In the relevant statement made by the Israeli embassy in "Vima" it is mentioned, among other things: "Numerous countries around the world, including many of the European countries, have passed legislation that prohibits the publication of racist material or any kind of incitement against individuals, groups or minorities. In this context there is the specific legislation that prohibits the publication of "Mein Kampf". The embassy of Israel in Athens is not aware of such legislation in the Greek legislation. Calculating the dangers of racism, anti-Semitism and other kinds of incitement, Israel's embassy in Athens calls on the Greek legislator to support such a law. Republishing a book like Mein Kampf, with or without commentary, will lend legitimacy to one of the most racist and anti-Semitic texts ever written and lead to its return to bookstore shelves around the world. A result undesirable for any tolerant, democratic country...".
The president of K.I.S. Mr. M. Konstantinis in his related statements in "Vima" pointed out characteristically: "The book is full of inaccuracies and incitements of hatred against the Jews. The Central Jewish Council of Germany has erred in its view, in any case the book is to be condemned. The problem is that even if it is officially published and comments and critical notes are made, it will definitely be a kind of dialogue with the anti-Semitic Germans. However, we as Greek Jews are opposed to any re-issue and believe that the Central Jewish Council of Germany should request an extension of the ban, at least for a few more years."                  
In the article of the newspaper there is also the EPSE opinion expressed by its legal advisor Mr. Vassilis Sotiropoulos, which states among other things: "...The circulation of editions with philological and historical commentary is the appropriate balanced solution, so that these texts do not they become instruments of hatred, but objects of study and memory."   
At the end of the newspaper article, it mentions, among other comments, Mr. Zenakou's opinion that: "With its move to support the annotated reissue of 'My Struggle', the Central Jewish Council of Germany intervenes on the linguistic level by occupying a field of discourse - in fact he says to any would-be anti-Semites: it is not you who are talking about Hitler and the Holocaust, but us, his victims."