The "History of Anti-Semitism" refers to the documentary series that was first broadcast by ERT3 and was completed in 4 hour-long episodes.

You can watch the documentary series on ERTFLIX and its website HERE.

The documentary presents a historical and "scientific" investigation into understanding the complexity of anti-Semitism. Sometimes called "the longest-lived hatred," anti-Semitism has appeared in many places around the world and in multiple forms for more than two thousand years. This unique persistence, as well as the heterogeneity of the phenomenon, have given rise to numerous ideological exploitations, political manipulations and anachronistic interpretations.

The ambitious documentary unfolds a story of demonization that is deeply intertwined with the societies, countries and ages in which it takes place. It is the story of the anti-Semites, those who, over time, made the Jews their worst enemies.

Indeed, at certain times in their history, societies have needed a common enemy to unite or mobilize their people, distract or serve as a scapegoat. The documentary series examines the twists and turns of this history, from Antiquity to the present day, from the shores of the Mediterranean to those of the Volga, and from the Iberian Peninsula to the birch forests of Poland. By following the thread of History, we are allowed to identify the powerful underlying forces of the phenomenon, while deciphering its different aspects in their uniqueness.

The series focuses on specific stories from each era that highlight and illustrate the nature of these acts of violence and hatred against Jews in an illuminating and moving way. It also provides the framework to combat this recurring phenomenon.

The narrative is based on the research and publications of leading academics. Period icons, photographs and more recent archival footage visually dress the series, which also allows the viewer to experience ancient periods through amazingly compelling historical reenactments, using the XNUMXD set techniques of the Assassin's Creed (Ubisoft) game.

Screenplay: Laurent Jaoui – Jonathan Hayoun – Judith Cohen Solal
Directed by: Jonathan Hayoun
Production Direction: Simone Harari Baulieu

*Data from website, 17.8.2023