Moderate French political parties must form a governing coalition without France Insubordinate, Council of Jewish Foundations of France (CRIF) president Jonathan Arfi told The Jerusalem Post, warning that party leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon was a threat for the Jews of France.

As he said, "we are waiting for the outcome of the negotiations. We don't know what kind of government we will have," and added "what happens next for the Jews depends on the government that is formed."

CRIF and other Franco-Jewish groups had campaigned calling for support of the moderates and against the National Rally and Insubordinate France. "The fight was against the extreme right and the extreme left," Arfi said. "We need to make the moderate left aware that a coalition with Mélenchon will not be acceptable."

Mélenchon made Gaza the main element of the campaign, Arfi said, adding that he is a person who is a threat to the Jews," while accusing him of fueling the anti-Israel climate in France.

He reiterated that "Melanchon is a person who is a threat to the Jews", accusing the LFI and its leader of targeting "all Jews who support Israel".

According to CRIF, the way forward is for all moderates of the center, left and right to work together to form a coalition. Arfi said exit polls showed such a coalition was possible.

Arfi dismissed concerns that the tough stance taken by CRIF, the Chief Rabbi of France, the Central Consistory and other groups against the National Rally could encourage more anti-Semitism on the right, saying that Jews were a small percentage of of the voting population and could not be held responsible for the result.

Finally, among other things, he noted that Jews were not alone in their fight against extremism, but acknowledged that the Jewish people are living in a "very difficult time."


'Mélenchon is threat to Jews': French Jewish leader calls for moderate government – ​​exclusive, JerusalemPost, 8.7.2024