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** The new ERT series "The bracelet of fire" will be shown on January 25 exclusively on the platform ERTFLIX and will be available until January 31, 2023. 

A serial that begins to be broadcast in the next few days by ERT, "The bracelet of fire", describes the dramatic story of a Jewish family in Thessaloniki and reveals aspects and relationships of the city's life that are still alive, albeit invisible.

The series is based on the book of the same title by the Larisa writer Bettys (Beatrikis) Saia-Magrizou.

The Jewish community of Thessaloniki has "embraced" the series since it also refers to real incidents and brings to light dramatic aspects of Jewish life.

The author is a first cousin of the well-known Albert Burla. In particular, Bettys Magrizou's father, Iosif Saias, was the brother of Roula Burla, Albert Burla's mother. In fact, "Joseph" is also one of the persons mentioned in "The bracelet of fire".

For all these reasons, ERT is organizing an event for the series in Thessaloniki on Monday 16.1.2023. In collaboration with the Greece-Israel Friendship Association and the Israelite Community of Thessaloniki, they are organizing a first screening of the 7st episode at 16.1.2023 pm on 1 in the "Emilios Riadis" multipurpose hall of TIF - HELEXPO, (entrance from the north gate) of the new ERT series "The Fire Bracelet".

The event will be addressed by Konstantinos Zoulas, President of ERT SA, Dr. Gianna G. Panagopoulou, President of the Greece-Israel Friendship Association and David Saltiel, President of the Central Jewish Council of Greece and the Israeli Community of Thessaloniki. Kelly Alkhanati – Papouli, head of fiction and entertainment, will present the story of the series which concerns a Jewish family of Thessaloniki and is based on the book of the same title by Beatrice Saia Magrizou. It will be followed by a discussion with two of the main actors of the series, Nikos Psaras and Elisavet Moutafi. The event will be moderated by journalist Lina Papadakis.

"The bracelet of fire", tells the story of the family of Mendes and Benuta Saia. The couple and their seven children in total (two girls and five boys) live in Thessaloniki and are a typical urban Jewish family, financially strong enough to live with many comforts. It all begins with the Great Fire of 1917, when the family will lose their home and be accommodated in those first difficult days in a Gypsy camp. Benuta, together with two of her children, are the ones who will stay in the camp and as a sign of gratitude she will give the daughter of the one who hosted them, a bracelet of hers, which is the one of the title.

SOURCE:, 9.1.2023