A man who radiated light, a great doctor and researcher, a charismatic teacher, an inspiring mayor, a proud Yanniot Jew, a scholar... through these words, dedicated to the late Moses Elisaf by those who knew him, his personality, work and achievements were outlined at the event which KIS organized in his memory.

The event honouring Moses Elisaf took place on 13.3.2024, at the Old Parliament, in the presence of his widow Cleopatra Hatzigiannis – Elisaf and the representative of the Prime Minister and the Government, the Minister of the Interior Niki Kerameos. The event was also attended by the Minister of Digital Governance Dimitris Papastergiou, the representatives of the parties, ND Anastasios Hatzivasiliou, SYRIZA Sokratis Famellos, PASOK - KINAL Ioannis Tsimaris, New Left Meropi Tzoufi, Plefsis Eleftherias Makis Mavrakis, the Deputy Regional Mayor of Epirus Agni Nakou, the President of KEDKE Lazaros Kyrizoglou, the Mayor of Ioannina Thomas Begas, the late Mayor of Ioannina Dimitris Papageorgiou, the special envoy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for combating anti-Semitism Chrysoula Aliferi, MPs, professors, friends, relatives and associates of the late Moses Elisaf from Ioannina, the President and the Presidium of KIS, the President of the Jewish Museum of Greece Mikis Modiano, the President of the Athens Jewish Community Albertos Taraboulous and members of the Board of Directors, the President Markos Batinos and members of the Board of Directors. of I.K. of Ioannina, Rabbi Gabriel Negrin of Athens, Rabbi Isaac Mizan, presidents and representatives of Jewish Organizations and a large number of people.

The Secretary General of KIS Victor Eliezer, who curated and presented the event, chose to present Elisaf's personality, his principles and his thoughts through the words of Moses Elisaf himself, from an interview he had given him when he was elected mayor. Structured in separate sections - dedicated to each of M. Elisaf's fields of activity - the presentation alternated with characteristic videos from his life and from the interventions of the speakers.

The event was welcomed by the President of KIS David Saltiel, who emphasized the "unfilled void that Moses Elisaf left in Greek Jewry, in the Jewish community of Ioannina, the void in science, the void in his beloved city of Ioannina and above all the void he left in us... in the souls of all of us who were lucky to have walked beside him". "Moses was light and emitted light. Perhaps this was the characteristic that made him a unique teacher, a deep thinker, a great doctor, an motivated citizen", said D. Saltiel pointing out that "for KIS, Moses Elisaf was not just the Vice President of the Board of Directors. He was a LEADER in every sense of the word."

The first tribute video it was focused on the biography of M. Elisaf with photographic material from his youth, his student years and his achievements until his election as mayor of Ioannina.

His student, Dr. Vangelis Lyberopoulos, Professor of Medicine at the Athens University, spoke about the doctor, the scientist and the professor Moises Elisaf. After referring to Elisaf's rich academic work, shared personal memories of the "teacher" - as the university community calls Elisaf.

The was also dedicated to his action as a doctor second video which was presented during the event.

There followed the speech by Raphael Moysis, Honorary President of I.O.V.E. originating from Ioannina, who spoke about Elisaf's successful efforts to promote Romaniote Jewish heritage internationally and to support the small Jewish Community of the city with the centuries-old tradition. "Next year in Ioannina", said R. Moses paraphrasing the Hebrew saying "Next year in Jerusalem", and underlining that the groundbreaking annual international gathering in Ioannina for Kippur was M. Elisaf's idea and initiative.

It was also dedicated to the contribution of M. Elisaf to Greek Jewry third video which was shown in which he spoke v. KISE President Beniamin Albalas for their collaboration and close relationship.

The writer and journalist of "Kathimerini" Xenia Kounalaki spoke about her acquaintance with M. Elisaf since 2019, when she was a speaker for the Holocaust Remembrance Day in Ioannina and referred to their discussions on issues of memory, anti-Semitism and social analysis, emphasizing how much she appreciated and how much he misses today his deep thinking.

On the subject of anti-Semitism, it was also fourth video which was screened with excerpts from Elisaf's interviews. This video also includes statement of the honorary President of EME Makis Matsa.

Speaking about the years of service of M. Elisaf as mayor, in relation to his Jewish identity, the coordinator of the event, Victor Eliezer, introduced the relevant video by saying:

"In the city where during the Holocaust the Jewish Community was almost completely exterminated, where almost 2.000 of our co-religionists met a horrible death in the Nazi concentration camps, 75 years later, a descendant of Holocaust survivors is elected Mayor in the same city. Moses Elisaf! The citizens of Ioannina chose a worthy man to lead the city on the path of development and progress. But at the same time they sent a resounding message against bigotry, intolerance and anti-Semitism."

In video about the Elisaf Municipality period, in addition to referring to his innovations and initiatives, o former Mayor Dimitris Papageorgiou, and Elisaf's successor in the municipal faction, speaks with touching words about M. Elisaf's work and ethos.

There followed the spech of Stavros Zoumboulakis, President of the National Library of Greece, who referred to the interaction of the sides of the multifaceted M. Elisaf, emphasizing that from his primary quality as a doctor derive, in logical continuity and productive osmosis, the active citizen, the professor, the Jew, the politician.

S. Zoumboulakis focused especially on the intellectual man, reading excerpts from Elisaf's texts, and revealing that Polis publications are planning to publish a volume with characteristic essays by M. Elisaf. "The release of this book will reveal M. Elisaf as a thinker as well," said St. Zoumboulakis.

In addition to Elisaf's public actions, the speakers with their interventions also highlighted unknown aspects of his personal life, such as his love for music and singing, for theater, for football, for literature.

The sixth and seventh video transported viewers to the heavy atmosphere of M. Elisaf's funeral, where the city of Ioannina and all of Greece mourned his loss.

The video series ended with his own words from his inauguration ceremony at City Hall, where Elisaf quoted Gandhi "If you want change – Be the change"!

The videos were edited by the director Aris Emmanuel, with the technical support of the MODIANO TV & Film Production company - an offer by Mikis Modiano. The audio-visual material was provided by KIS, the Jewish Community of Ioannina, and Cleopatra Hatzigianni – Elisaf.