by S. Thomopoulos & R. Frezi
a. The following projects have been registered in chronological order of publication and alphabetically. In cases where there is more than one edition for each work, the oldest comes first in chronological order (while the newest is also mentioned).
b. In this bibliography, the books of Greek and foreign authors that have been published in the Greek language are listed.
c. The indication of the number of pages is noted for those books that we know "from autopsy" or that we have encountered in various bibliographic catalogs or newspaper and magazine entries.
d. Due to the peculiarity of the researched topic of this bibliography, a small informative text on the content of the work is written, where necessary, for more complete information of the reader.
e. The names of all the authors are included in the "Alphabetical Index of Authors", available at the link listed below. (The numbers refer to the entry number of the entry in the bibliography).
f. In this bibliography, the reader will also encounter works of anti-Semitic content, and this for reasons of bibliographic impartiality.
g. Several entries also list the titles of books whose only chapters – usually several pages long – deal with Jewish subjects.
h. The title of each entry has been recorded exactly as it appears on the cover of each book, without any spelling or editorial corrections.
i. Any work for which no author is listed is marked with a hyphen (-) before the title instead of the indication: Anonymous.