On Saturday, March 23, 2024, I.K. Volos, organized an event for the celebration of "Purim" during which the family of Aaron S. Abdella was honored for their donation of a "Sefer Torah" and a "Megillah of Esther" to the Synagogue.

The family of Aaron Abdelas was unanimously declared a donor, by the Community Assembly on 17.12.2023.

The honorary event and the celebration of "Purim" took place in the presence of the members and their friends, as well as friends of the Abdelas family and I.K. Volos.

Earlier, in the Synagogue of Volos, the "Megillah of Esther" was read by the religious minister Mr. Makis Moisis and Mr. Matoulis Ovvadias.

The president of I.K. Volou Mr. Marcel Solomon in his speech referred to the long-term contribution of the Abdelas family to the Community, from its forefathers until today, to the fraternal cooperation he had with Aaron on the Board of Directors of the Community and to the friendship that connects them. He also referred to the successful business activity of the family, which maintains the women's clothing store of the same name, the oldest in Volos, famous for its quality products. Finally, he wished health and good fortune to the family members and expressed the certainty that he will continue in the spirit of love and giving.

Mr. Solomon then presented the family with an honorary plaque as well as a relevant parchment, declaring it as Donor, which the entire Abdelas family received. Mr. Aaron Avdelas, speaking on its behalf, thanked the Community and referred to their decision to donate a new "Sefer Torah" (due to wear and tear of the older one) and a "Megillah of Esther", which the Synagogue acquired for the first time.

This was followed by the celebration of "Purim" with a speech by the religious minister Mr. Makis Moysis, who spoke extensively about the history and importance of the holiday and the food customs that characterize it, such as the traditional sweet kubeto-pasteli, which was available for everyone the companions - an offering of the Community - as well as the "Ears of Haman", which was offered by an Israeli family.

Afterwards, Ms. Lina Sabetai, with a humorous and contemporary speech, referred to the story of "Purim" making the guests cheerful and entertained with her ingenuity and clever approach.

Dinner followed in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.