On Wednesday, April 10, 2024, at her invitation Eleni Beze, lecturer at the Department of History, Archeology and Social Anthropology of the University of Thessaly, to president of I.K. Volos, Mr. Marcel Solomon, a speech was given to the undergraduate students of the Department, who attend the course "Jewish life in Greece after the Holocaust: testimonies, memory, identities".

The president's narration regarding the story of the rescue of his immediate family who was rescued hiding in an area near the city of Volos, his other relatives who unfortunately did not have the same luck as well as life in the city after liberation, was watched with keen interest by all Students.

This is evidenced by the many questions the speaker received during his speech, which also concerned his personal history, but also information on the pre-war and post-war history of the Community, as well as the events during the Persecution.

The conclusion reached by all participants is that such initiatives, which include personal testimonies and direct communication, enhance the theoretical training students receive and can be a trigger for some of them to engage more extensively with the subject.

I.K. Volos