The Jewish Community of Chalkida congratulates the member of Zak Kostis who, together with his classmate Jason Eleftherakis, students of the 4st Lyceum of the Moraitis School, won the XNUMXth place in the student video competition for the Remembrance of the Holocaust in Greece, organized by the Ministry of Education , Religion and Sports in collaboration with the Jewish Museum of Greece.

The filming of the short film on the theme of "Turning the pages of History. memory and trauma", were held in the Holy Synagogue and the Chalkida Cemetery.

We wish Zac and Jason good progress and continued success in their lives.

From the Board of Directors of I.K. Chalkida


04-04-24 Results of the student competition to create a short film (video) on the topic "The Holocaust and the Greek Jews" school. year 2023-2024