On Thursday 1.2.2024, the work of the two-day scientific conference on "The Holocaust on the Island of the Righteous" organized by the Directorate of Primary Education of Zakynthos in collaboration with the General Secretariat of Religious Affairs of YPAITHA, the Directorate of Secondary Education of Zakynthos, the Department of History - Archeology of the University of Patras, the Central Jewish Council, the Jewish Museum of Greece, the Municipality of Zakynthos, AHEPA Zakynthos, the Cultural Association of Zakynthos "Ugo Foskolos", the Philosophical Research Laboratory for Science, Technology and Culture (EFEETP) , the Department of Philosophy of the University of Ioannina and the Forum of Intercultural Dialogue and Learning (Laboratory of Sociology and Education, TEEAPI) of the University of Patras.

From the speaker's podium the General Secretary of Religious Affairs of the Ministry of Education Giorgos Kalantzis he referred to the message of the Holocaust internationally and the unanimous decision of the Parliament to commemorate January 27 of each year as International Holocaust Remembrance Day and criticized the voices that attempt in various ways to diminish the condemnation of the Greeks for Nazi crimes.

The General Secretary of KISE Victor Is. Eliezer he referred to humanity's memories of Nazi atrocities during World War II and emphasized that the concept of the Holocaust against Jewish populations has now been identified with the concept of absolute evil.
He attributed to hypocrisy the interest of all those who are currently trying to arouse world public opinion against Israel's right to defend itself against Islamic terrorism and accused the above circles of never condemning the crimes committed against innocent Israeli citizens.
Finally, Mr. Eliezer thanked the people of Zakynthos and the Greek people for their support to the people of Israel.
Greetings were also addressed by the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Dodoni Mr. Chrysostomos, the representative of the Municipality of Zakynthos, the representative of Primary Education and the representative of P.S.Z. "Ugos Foskolos".
This was followed by speeches, children's shows, recitations and songs by young students as well as a film screening.

The two-day work was completed on 3.2.24 with a visit to the Jewish cemetery and the synagogue of Zakynthos and with student actions for peace and the fight against discrimination.

The Director of Primary Education of Zakynthos Ath. Katsibelis noted: "I am very moved and proud of the teachers and students of the Primary Education schools of Zakynthos who participated in this very impressive event. I thank the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education who came to Zakynthos to attend this important event, as well as all the university professors, colleagues and lecturers who came from all over Greece to honor us with their presence and highlight this the important event of the Holocaust".

REACTIONS FOR THE TWO DAYS - Rally in favor of the Palestinians - The positions of G.G. THRISKEIMATON and G.G. KISE

Their reaction to the holding of the Two-Day Conference - an eminently educational and scientific initiative on the Holocaust - was expressed by the Union of Secondary Education Officers of Zakynthos (ELMEZ) and Labor Center of Zakynthos who in their statement characterized the Two-day event as "propaganda with the aim of concealing the genocide of the Palestinians by Israel" and organized a solidarity rally for the Palestinian people, which took place on 1.2.24 in the central square of Ag. Markos of Zakynthos.

Both the G.G. Giorgos Kalantzis of religion, as well as G.G. by KISE Victor Eliezer.

As he typically states G.G. by KISE Victor Eliezer in his post at FB "my greeting was at the same time a response to the sick climate that some tried to create on the island", while among other things he pointed out: "Criticism of Israel slips into the demonization of its people and the delegitimization of its right to exist, provides indirect direct support to Hamas and its followers, and is tantamount to supporting a genocide against Israeli citizens. And this is anti-Semitism, because they attempt to deny the collective right of Jews to live as a nation in the state of Israel, which was born from the ashes of the Holocaust! Read on HERE the entire speech of General KISE.

G.G. George Kalantzis of Religion during his greeting at the opening session, among others, he referred to the Deputy Governor of Zakynthos, Konstantinos Kapodistrias, who was not present at the start of the two-day event, as he was accompanying the MP and the Mayor to the group of scientists from the National Technical University of Athens in Navagio. Mr. Kalantzis noted that the Region did not provide a means of transport for him from the airport to the theater (where the event took place) and that the Deputy Regional Governor's office replied that "it does not participate in this event and does not undertake the transportation of G. C."

In more detail, G.G. Religions, he said: "In closing, because I talked about anti-Semitism that manifests itself in various ways that sometimes you don't understand them or you understand them a little later, let me tell a very small story. When a General Secretary of Religious Affairs or a General Secretary of Energy or a General Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior moves, as you understand, the ministry does not have means of movement throughout Greece. An agreement is made each time with the local authority. Usually with the District. And usually some kind of means is available and these movements are made. I have served in this position for many years. This is the first time that a Deputy Governor's response to my office on the issue of transportation was: "We are not participating in this event and we are not transporting you." Very nice phrase! What do you understand behind these phrases? That is, if it was another event, would the General Secretary move, as is usually done? Because it is this particular event will not be moved? Very nice, we'll take a taxi. But you who said it, have you realized what you said? Do you understand what you said? Do you understand what message you have given to all of us? You who tell the director of Primary Education "don't make it the day now. Let a year pass. Let a few months pass." And you ignore that January 27th is the day that the Greek Parliament, not "world Zionism", "Masonism" or anyone else, but the Greek Parliament has instituted to be the Day of Remembrance of Greek Jews, Heroes and Martyrs of the Holocaust. You know it; Are you ignoring it? If you ignore it and sit in that chair, you have a problem, not the Director who is doing the event."

With data from the websites ermis news.gr & imerazante.gr


-Athanasios Katsibelis: Shall we suspend the teaching of the Holocaust? imerazante.gr, 27.1.2024