With deep emotion, Hellenic Jewry and KISE bid farewell to Raphael Frezis, who passed away in 20.4.2024, at the age of 97, in his beloved birthplace, Volos.

Raphael Frezi's activity in Jewish activities started from his childhood when he joined the "Macabi" scout group and continued with the Jewish Youth. During the Occupation he joined EPON and then ELAN.

Until 1957, he worked in the Committees for Earthquakes, Care and Spiritual Action in Volos and facilitated the members of the Israeli Community of Volos in drawing up the documents for them to immigrate to Israel and America.

At the beginning of 1957 he was elected gen. secretary of I.K. Volos (a position he held almost continuously until 1975). He undertakes a titanic project consisting of the construction of the "Jewish apartment buildings" and the reconstruction of the Synagogue.

In 1975 he was elected president of the Israeli Community of Volos, a position he held until 2005.

Raphael has excellent writing to show for himself, the product of hard work and study. He was a correspondent for the "Jewish Home" & "Israeli Review" newspapers.

His first book "Israeli Community of Volos" was published in 1994 and was republished improved in 2002. His writing continued in 1999, with the book "The Jewish Press in Greece". He continued with smaller editions of his studies such as "American Joyd's Great Philanthropic Work in Greece", "Jewish Uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto and Birkenau Camp", as well as "Aspects of the Nazi Persecution of the Jews in Athens" and a monograph for the "educational work of the Schools of the Alliance Israelite Universelle" in Greece.

He followed his opinion "Greek Jewish writers and writers", published in 2005, while another work of his "Greek Bibliography 1716-2005", published by K.I.S. and is mentioned in all the books published on the subject of history, Jewish culture, the Holocaust.

He received the Medal of Honor of the 50th anniversary of the Central Jewish Council of Greece, which until today, has been awarded to a few, elite Jewish personalities who contributed to Greek Jewry.
A leading personality, and at the same time a source of knowledge, wisdom, kindness and humility.

The funeral of Raphael Frezis will take place the following day Thursday 25.4.24 at the Community Center (Xenophontos & Platonos) on 2:30 p.m..  



-GAK Magnesia: Farewell to Raphael Frezis (1927-2024)

- Postman of Volos, 21.4.2024: Raphael Frezis passed away